• "CMBS provides industry leading medical coding and billing services to our emergency medicine clients so they can concentrate on what's important - saving lives."

    Comprehensive Medical Billing Solutions:

    • Worry-Free, accurate medical coding so you can successfully bill for the work you do
    • Top tier medical billing services with fewer denied claims, maximizing your income by minimizing errors
    • Corporate compliance auditing, ensuring your financials are in order with industry standards
  • What you can expect from CMBS:

    At CMBS, we know what it takes to have a successful emergency medical facility. We have integrated these basic requirements into our business model to ensure your success. By using our service for your practice these are the results you can expect:
    • Fast Reimbursement
    • Reduced Aging Receivables
    • Reduced Expenses
    • Improved Cash Flow
    • Increased Profits
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